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The Internet has become the fourth need of human beings along with food, shelter, and clothes. In today’s world, we can not imagine our daily lives without the internet. Everything around us is using the internet and its applications in some or other ways. In this article, we are going to learn about how to make online payments at hospitals using the website.

This article will help you learn how to pay hospital bills using the portal. This portal is useful for paying medical expenses online.

Before proceeding, we must have a working internet connection and a desktop so that you can follow this process seamlessly. a portal to pay medical bills online

Many of you may have a question what is this portal is,and what is its use?

The peryourhealth portal is useful for patients who want to pay their medical bills online. This per your health portal helps users to pay medical expenses using their desktop or computer sitting at home. Users have to register to this website/portal to be able to pay the expenses online.

We are going to learn step by step process to register and log in to this portal and then pay our medical expenses/bills using the portal.

Registration steps for

To register to this portal user must have an account registered at peryourhealth pay billing portal. If the user id is not available users can use the hospital bills.

Also, there are few things that you need to have handy so that you can go with the process.

  • Registered user ID/ PerYourHealth ID or your account number that is available on your Medical billing statement. now, most of you’re wondering what is account number so the account number is given by the administration of Change Healthcare Company.

This article will be helpful for you if you have already received your account number from the company administration.

If you have registered user ID then follow The below steps to login to for portal.


  • Once you visit this official website( you will see the page where you will be asked to enter the registered user id.
  • Enter the registered user id or account number from the hospital bill
  • Click on the continue button

If you have not previously registered a user account, then you must use the billing account id and access key printed on your billing statement to log in to PerYourHealth.

If this dosent help then you can call the customer service number which can be found on your medical bill statement.

This is a very simple and straightforward process to login into the portal. The only necessary thing is having registered user id. that can be generated using the administration of change healthcare.

If you enter incorent registration or peryourhealth ID then follwoing error will be given.

Make sure you have a valid Id to log on to per your health website.

What if you forget the registration /PerYourHealth Id?

We are all human beings and we might forget the registration/per your health id. In case if you forget the registration id/user id. Then follow the below-given steps to generate the registration id/user id.

At the bottom of the official website of peryourhealth, there is a link to reset the password. Find the “Forgot your registered user id?” and click it.

or you can visit this URL ‘

  • A new page will be open where you will be asked to provide your account number which can be found on your medical bill. login
  • After you enter the valid account number click on the continue button .
  • A Email will be sent to registered email id which will have your user id/regisrtation id.

If you enter incorrect account number then above warning msg will be shown.

You can contact the hospital for the account number and then try again. This is a very simple and straightforward process to recover your portal id.

PerYourHealth Mobile Login Guide

To login in using the mobile, follow below steps.

  • Open a mobile browser.
  • Visit
  • Enter valid registration Id/PerYourHealth Id
  • Click on the “Continue” button

If you face any deficulty then contact the company for correct Key.

PerYourHealth Contact and support details

After trying all of the above ways still, you are facing a problem you can contact the support.

Simply visit the “about us “page at the bottom and you will be redirected to the page. You can find the customer support option there or can contact through social media handles.

Frequntly asked questions(FAQ)

What is per your health portal?

Peryourhealth is an online payment portal where you can pay your hospital bills in a very convenient way. If you’ve received a billing statement from the hospital, then you can easily pay your bill by visiting

How to recover account if you forgot the Id?

you can visit this URL and enter account number to reover your id .

Is this legal and sucure to pay bills?

You can visit about us page at the bottom for more info.

Does has customer support? has about us page users can access the infomation about contact and support using that page.

What are requirmets to pay hospital bills online using peryourhealt website?

Valid registration or peryourhealth id. if this is not present then the account id and access key from the billing statement. if still have a problem contact customer support of portal guide – wrap up

This was all about how to pay medical bills online using per your health portal.

There are many benefits of using this portal.

  • This portal can help you pay your bills sitting at your house in a very convenient way at any time.
  • Other information related to medical bills can be checked using the portal.
  • This portal is only for registered users and that makes it peryourhelth secure and legit.

We hope that this article helps you understand the online portal of PerYourHealth.

If you have questions then please comment down below, we will try to help as per the information available. also, note that this information is collected using the internet.

We are not affiliated with the portal. All this information is for educational purposes and used in good faith.

Thanks for reading hope we are able to help you with your query reagrdig the peryourhealth portal.

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