How to Use Secure Online Payments: What You Need To Know

Internet is growing very fast and has its own challenges. Anyone with a smartphone can connect to anyone on the internet through various platforms. The Internet has made our lives really simple with online payment options available at our fingertips. But every coin has two sides and the internet has also a side that is dark and scary. Yes, the Internet is a very vulnerable place if you don’t know how to keep your information safe. We are going to learn about what are the ways by which we can make online payments more secure and stay away from online frauds.

Why is Online Security Needed?

Guide to secure online payments

Online security breaches is a term used for any transaction that is made without using actual physical documents or by providing incorrect information. Consider you want to buy the laptop and you search for your favorite brand. Once you find the brand you actually go to the website of that brand and buy the product. But there are many websites that are replicas of the website with slight variations in the website address.

When the user clicks on that site enters the payment details which involve the credit card information or your card information. You submit that information thinking that you have brought the best laptop but you are just ended up giving all the useful and personal information to the wrong website.

The most common kind of online fraud is credit card fraud. Credit card fraud can be further subdivided into many forms. There are many types of online payment methods out there, every method is vulnerable to security breaches.

The bad guys of the internet know exactly what your weaknesses are. Read this article to the very end to know how you can keep yourself safe while doing online payments.

How are payments made online?

Online payments are real-time and the most convenient method to pay for any goods or services you want to buy. When we make payments for goods or services, we are required to complete two steps. First, you need to purchase the goods or services and then complete the payment process.

Online payments are made in a number of ways. Some of the most common payment methods are cash on delivery, credit card payments, and direct debit.

We must keep an eye on various online payment services and processes. After we complete the payment, we need to verify the identity of the e- merchant, check if the bill is correct, and complete the process.

When a transaction is completed, we need to verify the e-payment details of the recipient by sending an acknowledgment to them.

How to make payments on the internet more secure

Most people use online payment applications like Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge, etc. This payment application makes online payments easier but they could also be the cause of most of the online payment security failures as these famous applications are always on the radar of people who try to steal the user’s data and privacy.

If you think using a secure online payment application is going to make your life safe, you are wrong. Even if you use secure online payment platforms like MobiKwik or FreeCharge you could become a victim of online security vulnerabilities if proper safety measures are not taken. Let us find out what are the ways in which you can make online payment systems more secure.

Check Authenticity of Website/App

Finding out the app or website is legal and valid is the most effective way to be safe while doing online payment. Let’s take the example of which is a valid website address and if there is one more website like which looks the same as amazon but has a slight difference in the spelling which could be a potentially dangerous site.

Not sharing sensitive information

When doing any online payment or transaction users should avoid giving sensitive information away. this will make intruders use this information for their wrongdoing and taking advantage of your information which could make you lose money.

Never share your passwords. Credit card, debit card pins with anyone. this is the single most important thing.

Having a good antivirus

Antivirus is the software program that helps computers detect malicious software programs that may harm your system. Using good antivirus will prevent most of the attacks on your system from happening.

Raising Invalid transaction request

If you face any cyber attack or monetary loss, immediately raise a dispute and inform the provider about the invalid transaction. This could help you save your hard earn money if you take immediate action.

Using Cash as a payment alternative

If you are not sure about the safety and authority of the website using the COD payment mode is a lot better than going for online payment methods. This will save you from any third-party malicious practices which could harm you monetarily. Many websites allow bill payment online but checking site authority is important.


Based on this article, you should be able to establish the idea of how to secure online payments are and how to stay safe and not fall into the traps of online transaction breaches. If you have any questions, we are always here to help you out. Feel free to comment in the comment section and we will answer you shortly.

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