Top 5 Healthy Habits for better living

We are living in a world where everyone is trying to figure out how can they live a better life. We as a human being always want to live our lives to 100% of potential. We aim to grow and be better each passing day. Surely there are many ways we can improve our lives and have a pleasant experience and joyfulness all day every day. We are just a few simple habits away from the life of our dreams.

top 5 healthy habits

So in this article, we are going to learn about the 5 healthy habits that everyone can build. these habits are so powerful that they can significantly affect one’s life if inculcated rightfully. We are going to list them here hope you will find them useful and benefit your being.

Excercise Daily

We often get caught in a daily routine that we neglect that our bodies are built to be used. Our body is designed to run, yes in ancient times we have to go on hunting and that required the strength and stamina of a rock. But as time passed and we got evolved, human beings neglected the health part and more focused is on earning money and the lifestyles of their dreams.

Simply excerscisg for 15-20 min a day can give you emmense helth benefits.

Now here you don’t need to be a professional athlete to start exercising, you can start slowly and do whatever you feel like doing. You can start with walking, then brisk walking and then jogging and then eventually you can run. This can be applied to any form of exercise.

The goal here is not to run a sprit but to form a habit of doing workout daily for even 15 min.

For getting started you can do

Jump ropes ,Walking/running,Pushups,Cardio ,Swimming,Plying any outdoor sport

and list goes on.

These small habits can have an everlasting effect on your body in long run and help you build a healthy lifestyle to stay fit.

Eating Slowly And Mindfully

We are so in a hurry that we neglect the most important aspect of our wellbeing and that is eating. I have seen many people rushing to work with sandwiches in their hands and eating them while driving. I mean come on if we are working so hard and we don’t even have 10 min to have breakfast – what kind of life we are leading?

Eating is the most important thing and it’s more important how we eat rather than what we eat. Researches have proven from time to time that our gut health is responsible for most of the illnesses that we have. If our stomach is healthy our life will.

So how can we make our stomac healthy?

The simple answer to this question is eating slowly and mindfully. Now it seems so simple but for a few its hell of a lot of effort. Eating slowly requires a lot of patience. It not a cup of tea for anyone.

But if this habbit is formed then surely we can see the positive impact on ourself.

How can we start with this habit?

Practice eating slowly- yes it’s not possible to form any habit overnight it takes a lot of hard work. So next time you grab a meal, wait and relax. Take few deep breaths and just focus on the food. Look at the texture and color of it -smell the food and just take one little bite and fully focus on eating that one bite with all your attention.

Boom!! you did the first step. Now do this for every othere bite,every other meal ,day ,month and year.

Staying Hydrated

This small habit is often ignored by many. The human body has 70% water. Our body needs water to maintain different functions of the body like digestion, cleaning, and blood circulation, etc. It becomes essential to drink water daily with sufficient quantity.

Drinking plenty of water has benifits to overall health. like glow on skin to better bowal movement and countless other.

If one inculcate this habbit successfully many good effcts on your overall well being can be seen.

How can you cultivate this habit?

  • Make an intention to drink 3-4 liters of water every day
  • Set mental reminders to drink water every 30 to 40 min.
  • Keep doing it till you feel confident about this.


The mind is the most complex organ of human beings and with a lot of scientific advancements, the human race is not able to get a 10%percent understanding of the human brain, there is a lot to explore and learn about the human mind.

It’s important to have good mental health. Mental health is a broad term but studies have concluded that doing meditation can help reduce stress and improve well-being.

There are many guides on how to do meditation, we are not going to cover this topic here .

So lets learn how we can we cultivate this daily meditaion habit?

  • Take out 10 min daily in the morning or evening
  • Do deep breathing and try to observe the breathing process.
  • Try to keep calm and relax and keep doing it.

You can increase the duration of the meditation. With time you can learn different meditation techniques and experiment with them.

Sleeping 7-8 Hours Dalily

By far this is one of the most important habits that we must try to cultivate. The human body is designed to do multiple tasks throughout the day. In this process, a lot of energy is consumed and different muscles are used which makes us tired.

But the good news here is that our body has the mechanisam to reover it. That mechanisam is sleep.


You heard it right, our body gets recoved when we sleep.

But how much sleep is needed to each indivisual?

This totally depends from person to person but the recommended sleep duration is 7-8 hours a day. Some people might feel like doing it 9 hours some might feel 6 hours are enough. and this is totally fine as long as you are feeling refreshed every morning after waking up.

To cultivate this habit try to go to bed early. Switch off the distractions and do some breathing exercises. Try to set up your bedroom with proper lighting.

So this is all about 5 healthy habits that you can cultivate which can give you long-term benefits of healthy living and hopefully increase the joy and livelihood of your well-being.

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