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The world is changing so fast and every sector is affected in a good way but the new age technology advancements. Almost every healthcare provider has some online presence or has built their online portals. To name a few we have peryouhealth, mymedicalbills.com, or epayitonline medical bill payments portal, in this article, we will try to understand the new portal Zelis payments. Please do read to the very end of this article so that you can understand all the details of this portal

Introduction- Zelis Payements pay bills

Zelis Payments is an online portal built to provide the user’s access to services of paying medical bills online. Users can pay medical bills online sitting at their homes without the need of going outside the house. The payments portal was started in 2016 in New Jersey state from the USA.

In this fast-paced world, everyone wants everything at their fingertips, thanks to a mobile today that’s possible. These payments portals can solve the problem of all people who are not willing to pay their hospital bills in cash. Some people may feel uneasy to go to the hospital and pay their bills at the hospital.

That’s the job of the Zelis payments portal. it’s for all those people who are not willing to make uncomfortable efforts to just pay hospital bills.

Without wasting time let’s move towards understanding how to create a new account at Zelis payments.

Create account on Zelis payments

The online account opening process is quite simple. we are going to see few quick steps that you can take to make a new Zelis payments account. These steps are mentioned below do follow them to registration at Zelis payments. 

Step 1: Visit the official website of zelis payments

Step 2: Click the provider login button-  a new tab will open

Step 3: Click on sign up now this will open a new tab to the registration of new zelis payments users. 

Step 4: fill in all the information about your practice section and submit the form. 

This was the quick way to create the zelis payments successful registration, if you have any questions you may comment down below – we will try to help you with the question you have.

We have understood the process of creating a new user at the zelis payments. now it’s time to learn about the steps to logging into the payments portal.

How to login into zelis payments?

 Let’s now learn about the ways to log in to Zelis Payments Portals. To be able to successfully log in to the portal please follow the below-given steps.

Step 1: Click on the Payments Portals Login button

Step 2: Enter the login ID (username ) &   password

Step 3: Click on Submit  

 These are the few simple steps that you can take to log in to the Paymetns portal of Zelis. We hope the above steps help you, if you have any questions then please comment on your queries below.

Make payment using Zelis payments

Making payment from Zelis payment is easy. Users must have few things handy to make this process seamless.

For paying the medical bills online through the payments portal of Zelis, please have an active internet connection. Also, be ready with the necessary details of payment methods. If you are paying by debit or credit card make sure you have cards handy. Then if you are paying by any internet banking then you must have login credentials of your banking account.

Now just check the bills and Ener the bill details and correct amount and pay using the selected payment method. Saving payment methods for next time use will be helpful.

Frequently asked questions 

Where to use zelis payments?

Zelis Payments is used for paying medical bills online. all healthcare expenses can be paid using the Zelis payments.

Can we cancel the zelis payment?

If you have paid for invalid amount or wrong bills then you can contact the support team fo Zelis and check the issue with your payments.

What are the contact Details of the zelis Portal?

users can log in to zelis payments and check the contact page for more information on support of zelis.

what is the zelis payment charge for ACH?

Any payment gateway charges fees ranging from 1to 2% on amounts to be paid.

Final words about Zelis Payments portal

Zelis Payments portal is an online medical bill payment website. This portal can be very useful in situations where people don’t want to go outside just to pay medical bills. Nowadays everyone prefers online payments whether that is being day-to-day groceries or buying health insurance or paying medical bills. Zelis payment is one such payment and there are many more that you can read on this website.

Thanks for reading hope you like this article on zelis payments.

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